Names for Sanft puppies I have named my litters in honour of couples, important to my journey through Bloodhound ownership, where one member has died.  This arose from the death of Henry Edwards, leaving Bobbie as his widow. Together they bred my first bloodhound, with Susan, for which we were required to select a name being "Sa". We chose Sanft, who became WTCh Sanguine Sanft, from its use in musical scores; the German term for softly and gently. Hence for my first litter, born 18th Feb 1994, the dogs names started "He" and bitches "Bo". When Joy Piper died, leaving Dennis, for my second litter, born 8th May 1998, the dogs names started "De" and bitches "Jo". When Daniele Durieux died, leaving Chantal Laporte, my litter born 24th Sep 2011, dogs names started "Ch" and bitches "Da". The sudden death of David Crease, prompted me to name the litter born 6th April 2015, with dogs names starting "Da" and bitches "Ja". My 2017 litter was named in honour of Eden and Pauline Griffiths (Weatheroak), hence dogs names starting "Ed" and bitches "Pa". Meanwhile David Richards, died in 2016, who with Elin, had been essential to the running of the Blooodhound Club trials throughout my time. I have used Sanft Daylight, Dawn, Daya for bitches, and already for dogs: Dalesman, Dartagnan, Dauntless, Daybreak and Dazzler. Below are some suggestions that were checked online at the Kennel Club, with the caveat:  "The name does not conflict with a registered name in the breed or an active Kennel Name.  However, the name will be subject to further validation if submitted and we cannot guarantee it will be accepted."
Dogs Daiquiri Dalrymple Damocles Dancer Dandy Danger Dante Danube Dapper Daredevil Daring Dark Dasher Dauphin     . . Daz
Bitches Elanor  Electra  Elegant  Elf  Elite        Elle            Elsa       
If your choice is not here, it may already be an active Kennel Name, but may be acceptable by changing one letter. Search using the link for Bloodhound Sanft "Da" . . or "El". . at the KC: The KC requires two choices to be submitted for each puppy on their registration form. Once you have two alternatives you can suggest these using the Contact Form .